Legal But Frowned Upon

Capture The Flag

Cyber Security Competition

18 Challenges

4800 Possible Points

112 Flags Submitted


For this CTF, you are a freelance hacker who gets hired to perform various tasks for unnamed clients. Start off with the low level challenges to prove your worth then if you are ready, accept the challenges with higher bounties.

To register, just use your hacker handle and a email address. This system does not require passwords. To submit flags, just enter your email address on the login page to create a session.


  • Register your hacker handle to get started
  • Login with your registered email address to be able to submit flags
  • Flags are in the format of flag(string)
  • This CTF is always open and does not have competition dates. New challenges are added throughout the year.
  • Some challenges require the download of files or VMs. Attack those as hard as you want after downloading. Don't attack this site.
  • Don't attempt to hack this site or the CTF related infrastructure
  • Don't perform any DoS attacks on this site
  • Have fun

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